People Success Labs (PSL) is about exactly what our name says: PEOPLE! We help our clients achieve their organizational goals by concentrating our efforts in these areas: enhancing leadership performance, improving workplace culture and increasing employee engagement and safety.

A successful organization has great products, an effective delivery system and most importantly, happy, engaged, and productive employees! You know your product and your processes. But maybe you could use some help with teaching what drives effective leadership, workplace culture, morale, and employee engagement. PSL focuses on the variable that is most difficult to measure and control in all of these areas: your people. Our process, "The Q3", takes a macro and micro deep dive into your organization and the people who are integral to its success. We work not only from the top down but also the bottom up in order to help you survive, thrive, and outperform your competitors.


Leadership is the only thing that effects everything in your organization. Some leaders are fortunate to be born with personality traits that make leadership a natural fit for them. However, any leader who is willing to learn the key principles of our Success Formula can become a great leader. Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Teaching your leadership the correct behavioral principles to turn excellence into habit is what we do in our Leadership Labs.


Having engaged employees gives your organization its best opportunity to succeed. What does employee engagement mean? We believe that employee engagement is a measure of how much your employees care. How much they care about their job, their co-workers, your organization and the customers they serve. That commitment easily translates into billions of dollars of revenue and ultimately the future of every organization.

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In today’s economic and business climate, finding and keeping great people is no longer just a good idea but a must-have element of operations. Keeping great employees requires more than a paycheck and good benefits; they must love what they do, have ownership of their career and a commitment to grow their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of your company. If you need help finding high-caliber employees and gaining the expertise to keep them happy, People Success Labs can help.


Safety is a series of choices made every day by your employees. Those choices are based on their beliefs. Beliefs become behaviors and behaviors become habits. Those habits are what drive results. In order to achieve a truly safe workplace, the belief systems of the entire workforce must be impacted. Our Safety Lab will partner with your leadership team to create an atmosphere where working safely is a universal habit.