Absolute Zero

How would solving workplace safety issues impact your organization, employees and their families? Our “Absolute Zero” Safety process is that solution. It takes safety beyond the next level to the ultimate level. That is zero accidents, zero injuries and zero near misses.


Absolute Zero: the temperature that scientists believe is the lowest possible and at which all molecules stop moving.


Every business challenge is unique. However, the common denominator is always people. Consider how valuable the secret to unlocking human potential in the workplace would be. The practice and implementation of our principles drive human behavior, creating an engaged workforce. Engaged employees are safer and more effective than their disengaged counterparts at everything.

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Leadership is about influence. We teach our clients how to truly influence people at the deepest human level. This requires influencing all 3 brains inside the human body. There are 100 billion neurons inside our head. Another 40 thousand neurons are located in our heart. While an additional 100 million neurons reside in our gut. The secret is to communicate effectively with all 3 brains simultaneously. We must create a positive neuro-triad connection experience with each employee in order to truly influence them. Our exclusive approach and proven exact practices connect with human beings on every level. The results create a long-term, sustainable “Absolute Zero” safety culture within your organization.


Implementing the People Success Formula makes this all possible. It is the outcome of an exhaustive meta-analysis spanning decades. Research was gathered from many sectors such as universities, healthcare, aviation, transportation, construction, public utilities, and manufacturing. We have distilled the latest research from virtually every industry and academic field to produce the ideal culture change tool. It will revolutionize the ability of your leaders to positively influence their teams. The Formula consists of 10 key principles accompanied by 6 exponents that, when applied correctly, will improve your safety record dramatically. Our goal is for everyone to go home safe and sound at the end of each day. Partner with us and we will show you the way.