Our Workshops

There is extensive scientific evidence proving that the road to profitability and a competitive advantage is through increasing employee morale and engagement. We can help you get there in fundamentally sound ways that are long-lasting and ultimately improve the bottom line. Our methods are proven, scientific and authentic. The end result is a better organization from top to bottom.

Organizations that truly take care of their employees in the right way are going to dominate their marketplace. Organizations that do not, or worse yet, treat their employees poorly, are going to be dominated in the marketplace.
— Dr. Charlie Cartwright

Culture:  The Impact on Recruiting & Retention
We have entered into a new age.  Labor will be at a premium as 10,000 Baby Boomers per day will be turning age 65 for the next 18 years.  Organizations that become destinations of choice will realize a substantial competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Come and learn how!

Improving Workplace Culture & Morale
The foundation of true business success is positive culture and morale.  Having these two key elements firmly in hand will lead to a sustainable, long term competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Learn how to build this in your place of business.


Leadership:  The Only Thing That Impacts Everything
Corporate results rise or fall on the backbone of leadership.  Do your leaders know how to lead?  Have they been trained to lead?  Are they viewed as leaders?  If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' let us help your leaders learn how they can positively impact all areas of the operation.

Stress Reduction & Resilience:  Stress Busting & Bouncing Back
Stress is one of the biggest threats of the century.  Learn how to overcome and counteract all of the elements that lead to stress and burnout.  The strategies in this workshop lead to resilience in the participants and a fresh outlook.  Positively impacting their lives personally and professionally.

The Bottom Line on How to Improve Your Bottom Line
Everything begins and ends with our people. Understanding how to best work with and around our people leads to the bottom line results that we seek.  This workshop will teach you how to wrap your arms around your people, thus eliminating problems that impact the bottom line.

Morale:  The Heartbeat of an Organization
Just like the human body, the strength of an organization is its heartbeat.  Weak heartbeat means a weak body.  Low morale makes an organization weak and vulnerable.  Susceptible to attacks by the competition.  Attacks that lead to losing your best clients and employees.  Join us and learn how to raise morale in your workplace to an all-time high!

Mission to Mars:  Building a Culture from Scratch
Sometimes it’s best to blow it up and start over.  Where would you start?  What are the key elements?  In what sequence should they be installed?  How should they be prioritized?  These questions and many more will be answered throughout the workshop.  Participants will learn how to build a culture that is out of this world!

Operational Turnaround:  Going from Worst to First
This workshops takes the participants through a step by step process to achieving operational greatness.  It is based on the true story at FedEx Ground.  Learn how an operation was taken from bottom ten out of over 500 facilities to #2 in the nation inside of 9 months!

Work Comp:  A Simple Solution to an Age Old Problem
There is one common denominator in every single workers’ compensation claim.  Figuring out that part of the equation will allow you to solve the remainder.

I really enjoyed the positive message from this class and I really hope that all the team leads really take something from it as well, to me it all comes down to this, you are only going to get out of your team what you invest into them. - Manager

Workshop Testimonials

Your presentation was great.  You created a list of the things that you did to move your site to #2 in the nation.  You quoted several studies that validated your points.  You engaged several members of the audience.  You never stumbled or hesitated.  Most people don’t realize how difficult it is to get up in front of people and speak.  It takes a lot of practice – easy to see that you have been working on this for a while. – V.P. of Operation, Texas Region

Seminar conveyed significant points in a way interesting enough to actually pay attention & digest knowledge. – Supervisor

Thank you for leading and facilitating a simply outstanding Training Seminar for our nursing professionals.  Your command of the topic and infectious teaching style is amazing! – Sr. Director, safety and Risk Management

You hit a home run this week!  The place is a buzz!  Thank you for immersing yourself into our place for a couple of days.  It has paid off.  – Human Resources Manager

I had so many calls and communications from the field that they really enjoyed the training, found it very informative and thought you were “awesome”.  I know it’s not easy to make worker’s compensation training, not only informative but fun and you exceeded expectations.  I can’t thank you enough. – VP Compliance & Quality Management