Most unhappy employees will not complain. They will under perform and/or quit.
— Dr. Charlie Cartwright

Employee turnover costs businesses billions of dollars every year. With everyone competing for the same talented employees, there is a war for skilled labor. Organizations that successfully add and keep great employees will prosper while the losers may find themselves being acquired or out of business altogether.

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We are in uncharted waters as this is the first time in modern history that the outgoing workforce is larger than the incoming one. This has left America with a shortage of qualified employees to fill open jobs and competition is fierce. A 2017 Gallup poll of over 1 million U.S. workers found that 51% of currently employed adults are searching for a new job right now. There are many reasons employees seek new job opportunities but the primary reason is due to a bad boss or supervisor. 

It is critical that managers and supervisors understand their role in stopping turnover and increasing employee retention. People Success Labs knows the methods to finding and keeping great employees and we can teach your leadership how it’s done and stop turnover from occurring.

Dr. Charlie speaking at a DisruptHR conference in April, 2018 regarding the benefits of identifying existing employee talent within your organization. Run time 5:09.