Executive Development Groups starting in The Kansas City Area!

We are starting a development group exclusively for executives and organizational leaders in the Kansas City area. This group will meet monthly to focus on professional and personal development. Our planned ninety-minute sessions will consist of two distinct components:

  • an education component followed by group discussion of that month’s topic.

  • By combining instruction and shared knowledge, the group will benefit from not just one teacher but an entire group of teachers.

The size of the group will be limited to eight to twelve members so that everyone will have an opportunity to participate.

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The importance of the people aspect of business cannot be overstated yet it is rarely taught and not always understood by leaders. This group will have a people-focused approach as people are the most important component of a successful business or organization.

In conjunction with the group sessions, one-on-one personal development meetings will be scheduled with Dr. Cartwright. These one-hour sessions can be in person or via telecommunication and the content will be customized for each leader.


Dr. Cartwright offers half a century’s worth of knowledge and experience that is tied to a preponderance of scientific research and conveyed via anecdotal teaching. His presence is positive, upbeat and never fails to connect with his audience.

You can read and view more about Dr. Charlie on our website:

To request a spot in the next class, or just get more information, please connect with us via the button below.