Here you're going to find some of our exciting upcoming labs that we're hard at work getting ready to benefit you, your peoP&Le, and you bottom line.  

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Selfie with a soldier lab

We are very excited about this lab as Selfie With a Soldier is very near and dear to us.  We're looking to go beyond just helping them through the rough times.  Our goal with this lab is to help integrate these volunteers back into civilian life with skills the workplace is looking for.  We already know they're leaders and great team mates, we want to hone those skills with our training and get them integrated into the workforce. 

The future LEaders lab

Aimed at the up and coming Millennial generation, this lab is going to be full of all the pieces someone new to the workplace will need to be successful.  Don't be surprised if there are more than a few tricks in here for the old dogs too.  



Team Restoration Lab

A team is a puzzle that can be assembled and reassembled in a variety of ways in order to meet the organization's needs.  Is your team not fitting together in any configuration?  This lab is just what it sounds like, we'll take your existing team and build them into the 'dream team' you've always wanted.  Once our lab is complete they will be brimming with camaraderie, prepared to collaborate, and ready to work!