The Heart of Safety

Safety should always be front-of-mind in every work environment; we can all agree on that. Making it a way of life and a fundamental element of your culture are absolutely attainable goals. We've covered safety from coal mines to corporate headquarters, from electric line workers to engineers, from boilermakers to the boardroom.

The lessons we teach will educate your leadership about the right way to implement and communicate about your safety programs, avoid the pitfalls of the Terrible 2’s, and keeping everyone safe while not neglecting productivity.  This combined with our ‘heart and mind’ approach will ensure that safety is at the heart of every decision, every day.  Partner with us to get your message to your people and experience enduring and best-in-class results.

Workshops and Speech Topics

The Heart of Safety: Safety must come from the heart to be truly effective every second of every day.
This message is not about lighting a fire under people.  It is about lighting a fire within them.  When we can accomplish this...giving our people a burning passion for safety, that flame will never die!

Stress Reduction & Resilience:  Stress Busting & Bouncing Back
Stress is one of the biggest threats of the century.  Learn how to overcome and counteract all of the elements that lead to stress and burnout.  The strategies in this workshop lead to resilience in the participants and a fresh outlook.  Positively impacting their lives personally and professionally.

Work Comp:  A Simple Solution to an Age Old Problem
There is one common denominator in every single workers’ compensation claim.  Figuring out that part of the equation will allow you to solve the remainder.  


Communication:   The Foundation of Safety
How to deliver it so that they get it and don’t get hurt.

Burnout & Stress Reduction
We must take care of ourselves first.  Then we will be better able to take care of others.

Productivity & Safety:  How to Coach for Both
Surprisingly, they ride in the same car.  Learn the how and why behind this important combination.

Safety:  How to Make it a Way of Life in Your Company
When it comes to safety, we must win every second of every day.  We can never afford to have a bad 10 seconds throughout the day and remain safe.  Every day should be safety day.  Come and learn the best way to make each and every day, safety day.

Yours: The People Success Labs have delivered seminars, speeches, and workshops on safety across a wide spectrum in blue and white collar industries.  We have just the thing for your event, give us a call.  

“Thanks for recharging my safety motivation battery.”  —Director of Safety